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Technology and Real Estate

I like building stuff in technology, real estate and blockchain.

I'm an Australian, married to a Canadian, with an American daughter living in the US.

HoneyBricks.com is my passion.

US real estate market

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Story about my last travel to the Mount Everest with friends and family.

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Mopoke cloud index on ASX tech

Looking for my old blog on ASX tech? Its been moved here - MopokeCloud.com. No new content planned though.....

I own FDV, DSE, CHL (not financial advice).

Where I write
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I enjoy writing about things I'm curious about. Today, most of my writing is on the HoneyBricks blog and Twitter.

I cover all things real estate, blockchain, decentralized finance and crypto.

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MY Work

Building HoneyBricks

I'm working with an all-star team on a mission to improve the efficiency, access and transparency of real estate.

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I specialize in digital design but have a passion for everything which contains mountains.

Clients say

This is where problem solving meets visual impact. Uniting products and users, design and experiences. Design solving meets visual impact

Tommy Peterson, Founder «Digital Future»

Uniting products and users, design and experiences. Design solving meets visual impact. This is where problem solving meets visual impact.

Jimmy Carter, Founder «NewTech»

User Interface. Building my first design system

Last Professional WIN

Built and sold Sapling

We started in 2016, raised venture capital from great investors and built an incredible product that helped companies like Warby Parker, PagerDuty and Figma run their people operations. The company was acquired by Kallidus group in 2020.

Learn More about Sapling
My first job in tech

Supported Credible to IPO

I moved from investment banking into technology in 2015 and made my way to San Francisco. My first role was at Credible. We built a marketplace for mortgages, student loan refi and personal loans. The company was listed in 2017 and acquired by Fox Corporation in 2019.

Where I work?

My wife and I split our time between Vancouver (where she's from), New York (where our people are) and Sydney (where I'm from). We have a 2-year old girl who brings us absolute joy.

Most of the time I'm working from my home office with Oscar riding sidecar (our 15-pound chihuahua mutt).

Where to find me?

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