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Dear friend,

In 2017, my wife and I wanted to start a family. 

I thought we were doing okay and that we were ready financially.

We decided to start small, and adopted a rescue that no one wanted 🐕

Two days later, we found out he had pneumonia. 

Insurance doesn't cover rescues for 30 days - so it was on us.

$10,000 to save him or he'd likely pass away.

I didn't have $10,000. That hurt. 😞

I thought I was ready to support a family?

I wasn't even ready to support a 12 lbs chihuahua....

From that day, I got an idea stuck in my head I haven't been able to shake.

The idea of Escape Velocity🚀.

Where your assets do the heavy lifting to fund your lifestyle (not your time).

Because I have to be honest.

I used to worry so much about money 💰💰💰. It consumed so much energy of mine.

I’ve seen this with other people too.

The pressure and the pull it can have on somebody is unbelievable.

Once you solve that problem - you are free to focus on other things.

And it's not about leaving your job or telling your boss to go shove that next project.

It's the freedom to do what you want:

  • Put your family first 👨👩👦👦
  • Take the weekend off 🏝️
  • Volunteer on Fridays 🎗️
  • Pay for the unexpected 🐕

To get there, I needed to get my business, money and mindset right.

Only then could I truly support, lead and inspire the communities around me.

I chipped in the cash I had, and borrowed the rest of the $10,000 from a friend.

That was embarrassing. 🤦

But I knew we had made a commitment to that little guy. 

Oscar (now 16lbs) brings so much joy to our family and two little girls.

That $10,000 lesson taught me that I needed to get financially free as soon as possible.

So next time, I could be ready and able to support my family and live the life I wanted.

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Escape Velocity is where your assets do the heavy lifting to fund your lifestyle (not your time).

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