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Compound your wealth faster

Discover the best investment vehicle to compound your wealth, escape the stock market rollercoaster and build passive income.

In this book, I share the secrets of what I know for three reasons:
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It works - it's hard to lose money in real estate, and the methods in this book can show you how to compound your wealth even faster.
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It’s timeless - syndications are not a trend or a fad, the knowledge you acquire and the strategies in this book will work for decades.
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It gives you independence - whether you're investing $20k or $2 million, you can get better than PE and VC returns with less risk.
No fluff on budgeting or saving on the avocado toast. This is a book on how to make more money.

Some of the things you'll learn

Andy Crebar - Aussie Property Syndicates: invest confidently, build passive income and grow your wealth - HERE ARE JUST SOME OF THE THINGS YOU’LL LEARN
  • Why the Australian property market is rigged (in a good way for investors), and the underlying fundamentals of why real estate works so well.
  • Uncover the 3 fundamental advantages of private real estate and the data that shows the best risk and return trade off compared to other asset classes.
  • Learn what separates capital growth vs yield investing, and how to decide where to place your bets in residential vs commercial markets.
  • Understand the 4 principal real estate investing strategies and why you should leave most of them to REITs and Pension funds.
  • Drill down into ‘Value add investing’… the go-to strategy for syndications and where they make sense, and more importantly - where they don't.
  • How smart investors use 5 financial metrics to evaluate returns and find the best deals hidden in plain site like Paul DePodesta from Moneyball.
  • Unlocking the cheat code used by the wealthy and financially experienced to (legally) pull out equity proceeds without paying tax.
  • How the government collects 24% of a property’s value from 7 different taxes imposed on Australian property investors.
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But aren't property syndicates risky? My aunt Susie lost $50k in 2008.

Yes. They are risky.

But that's exactly why I wrote this book to ensure you’re equipped to make good decisions. 

We take you behind the curtain and show you:
  • How to identify the 5 Known Unknowns in any deal that can wreak havoc on the forecast, and what you can do to avoid them.
  • The 3 ways General Partners can make money on a deal, why only one of them matters, and what this reveal about incentives.
  • How to untangle distribution waterfalls and what you need to know as a Limited Partner to ensure you’re protected.
  • The 5 most common GP vs LP issues in real estate syndications and how they can be resolved.
  • Where fund managers go wrong when raising money under Small Scale Offerings and Managed Investment Schemes.
  • How to understand the 6 Puzzle Pieces of the real estate syndication business model, and how they fit together to make your money work harder for you.
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Can I make more money by buying investment properties myself?

Andy Crebar - Aussie Property Syndicates: invest confidently, build passive income and grow your wealth - HERE ARE JUST SOME OF THE THINGS YOU’LL LEARN
Maybe on one investment.

But are you looking for one great deal, or the ability to compound your wealth for decades?

Because here is the thing.

It's no secret that real estate investing works.

It is one the best investment vehicles around if you want to compound your wealth, escape the stock market rollercoaster and build passive income.

You probably already know this, and have an investment property and maybe even seen it grow your wealth already.

But also how much hassle it can bring and the impact on your borrowing capacity for your own home.

We get it, and there is a better way.

The book covers how you can:
  • Compound your wealth through the hard work of others.
  • Get more time for your main thing in your life while safely growing your passive income.
  • Access bigger, higher-quality assets that you can’t normally invest in by yourself.
If you want your next decade to be less Superman, and more Yoda - this book is going to go deep on an investment strategy that allows you to do just that.

We cover everything you need to make good decisions including:
  • The 5 Red Flags in underwriting assumptions that General Partners don’t want you to know about.
  • How to avoid the 2 widow-makers for equity investors that people underestimate (or don’t even check) when investing in real estate.
  • How to analyse investments quickly and focus on the deals that are worth your time (so you can spend more time on the right deals or with your family).
  • The investment process from A to Z, from setting the strategy to receiving distributions and managing taxes for individuals, trusts and companies.